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Tips and Living Cost 

Cost of Living

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in North America. However, many students still come to Vancouver for several reasons. For example, less freezing weather during winter, available part-time jobs, fast public transportation, and natural beauty.


Click here to get a rough estimate cost of living in Vancouver.

Tips for new international students 


  • For first term, book a place with GEC to avoid scam and stress.

  • Once yo settle down, get a new place with friends to share rent.

Get the for following items

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Do volunteer work at school.

  • Get involve with on-campus activities. 

Lifestyle and Emergency

  • Avoid bad company and do not commit crimes.

  • Enjoy the outdoor and active lifestyle.

  • For emergency (police, fire or medical), call 9-1-1.

Vancouver Downtown


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