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How to Apply 

Apply to a school

School Certificates 

English or Math tests

  • Take IELTS or TOEFL

  • Take Math placement test (If required)

Apply Online

  • Go to school's website and apply for a program

  • Submit all notarized (English) documents 

  • Pay via visa card or bank draft

What's next?

  • Receive the Letter of Acceptance

  • Talk to your school's Admission Advisor 

  • Ask for agent's help (If needed)

  • Apply for a study permit 

Apply for a Study Permit

Students often apply online on their own or through an immigration consultant for a study visa. However, some institutions may help prospective students by offering their agents' support with the visa application. Therefore, applicants are advised to ask their school for an agent's help before applying online or hiring an immigration consultant.


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